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Whether you are looking for dramatic results or just trying to maintain a youthful appearance, the highly trained staff at ReNew Medical Laser & Skin Care Aesthetics will provide you with all the information you need to make your own informed decisions about the wide variety of services and skin care products. Most of all, we want you to look and feel your best!

Top quality, friendly service at fair and competitive prices helping you achieve and maintain a youthful appearance.

At ReNew its all about You! Therapy for your skin & care for what’s within!

A Letter From Trish

Hi Everyone!

Here are a few little known facts about myself and how ReNew Medical Laser & Skin Care Aesthetics Inc. came to evolve.

I graduated nursing school in 1995. I worked in the NeuroSurgical setting of hospitals in Toronto for the first couple of years after graduation. From there, I moved on to visiting nursing with the Victorian Order of Nurses and became assistant Manager at a private visiting nursing firm in Toronto.

In 2000, I moved to the Cambridge, Ont. area where with my husband, son and daughter. I worked many years in the Medical/Surgical/Orthopedic and Obstetrical field of Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Dissatisfied with the unfulfilling role of hospital floor nurse, I left the position for something more appealing and rewarding. I needed time to spend with my patients. I wasn’t getting that in the hospital. So, I went out into the 9-5 medical practice field and it was there that I quickly realized what a great, up and coming field skincare was evolving into. At last and very important to me, I realized that once again I could help people and take the time to spend with them. I thrive on making people feel better about themselves. Thus, the Medical Cosmetic Field became the perfect industry for me!

Very eager to start my own business and to further advance my skills in the cosmetic industry, I took some certification courses in advanced skin care, neurotoxin injections to limit the muscle movements that create wrinkles, fillers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Now here I am, 14 Years later, with my own business! My goal and mission is to provide gold standard skin health and rejuvenation therapies along with a team of experienced professionals and state-of -the-art equipment. With knowledgeable and friendly staff willing to honestly evaluate and educate each and every client.

I plan to continue to bring to you the very best skin care therapies, techniques, equipment, products and education this industry has to offer. Moreover, I promise safety and honesty.

I hope to see you (and your skin) soon!

Trish Cooley, RN, Owner

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